API Development

What is an API

An API or Application Programming Interface is a programming logic for accessing a web based app. An API acts as a software to software interface enabling apps to interact without any user knowledge or intervention. Behind every outstanding web application or mobile app, there is a feature rich API. In the world of app development, all apps are powered by numerous highly specialized APIs, each API developed to serve a specific function. This is why API development becomes so important.

API Development

Application Programming Interface (API) is indispensable to any web solution, software module, plugin, web application, or web design as it lays down the protocols / standards to access a web based app. Whether you want to create a web-based software application, or a web-tool, API plays a critical role in the success of your business endeavors, as it is an integral component that facilitates reliable interaction between computer hardware, databases, and software components.

Users of your software can only see the interface of your software. API is developed to seamlessly integrate different applications and work in the background so that the user is bothered about the flow of control between different applications. For example, users of your e-commerce website, who use a credit card for purchase, do not see the dialog between your software and the credit card's authentication program. This is handled by API's.

Importance of an API can be gauged from the fact that almost all powerful apps these days are powered by highly specialized APIs, each developed to execute a specific function.

API Development Services

We provide API development and API integration services across all industry verticals. We develop and integrate APIs for web, cloud, mobile applications and more.

API Development for Web-based Services

A web API works as an interface for both the web server and web browser. It is a framework for building HTTP services that can be used by a broad range of clients including browsers, tablets and mobiles. Web APIs provide device compatibility and allow Web apps to access:

  • Information about device hardware (such as battery status)
  • Data stored on devices (such as calendars or contacts list)

API Development for Mobile Applications

With increasing use of mobile phones across all domains, more and more Mobile Apps are being created every day. We can create APIs for your mobile apps to achieve the following objectives (not limited to):

  • Check data usage, account balances, pay bills
  • Schedule appointments, finding map locations using the GPS

Our API Development Expertise

Our team has vast experience at not only developing the APIs but also integrating it to diverse software applications.

  • .NET integration
  • Integration with Google APIs (AdSense, Charts, YouTube, Finance, Maps, Search, Language, Geocoding, etc.)
  • Integration with Java Script / XML / REST based APIs
  • Paypal Integration
  • Shipping API Integration (FEDEX & UPS)
  • Twitter API development
  • Web API Integration and Development

High Performance API Development

We have a team of highly experienced web application developers, who have the capability to create well designed APIs that are:

  • Easy to read, learn and use
  • Well-documented
  • Problem-free for code maintenance
  • Powerful
  • Scalable
  • Highly secure

Need an API?

API development team at SYSFO can help you leverage the potential of APIs to ensure profitability of your business endeavors. We can assist you in creating a unique API strategy. For custom API development solutions, look no further. We offer:

  • Expert API programming
  • Easy-to-use, innovative and feature rich API development
  • Leveraging best-in-class tools with smart features for API development and integration
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Competitively priced options

Let us show you what Sysfo can do for you!