Hybrid App Development

Hybrid development combines the best (or worst) of both the native and HTML5 worlds. We define hybrid as a web app, primarily built using HTML5 and JavaScript that is then wrapped inside a thin native container that provides access to native platform features. PhoneGap is an example of the most popular container for creating hybrid mobile apps.For the most part, hybrid apps provide the best of both worlds. Existing web developers that have become gurus at optimizing JavaScript, pushing CSS to create beautiful layouts, and writing compliant HTML code that works on any platform can now create sophisticated mobile applications that don’t sacrifice the cool native capabilities.

Hybrid mobile applications are built in a similar manner as websites. Both use a combination of technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, instead of targeting a mobile browser, hybrid applications target a Web View hosted inside a native container. This enables them to access hardware capabilities of the mobile device.

Different Framework, Tools and Technology used in development of Hybrid App




  Developer can use existing web skills
  One code base for multiple platforms
  Reduced development time and cost
  Easily design for various form factors (including tablets) using responsive web design
  Access to some device and operating system features
  Advanced offline capabilities
  Increased visibility because the app can be distributed natively (via app stores) and to mobile browsers.

SYSFO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd. is a professional web development company, which is committed to offering end to end hybrid application development solutions to its global clientele. We have the competence to combine the potential of HTML5 development with the advanced mobile frameworks like PhoneGap ,ionic and more to build the apps that look like native ones on all the major platforms, including Android, Windows mobile, iOS & others. Hybrid App Development services are

SYSFO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd.’s one of a kind solution to all-in-one mobile app development need. Our Hybrid App Development is vigorous, high-performing, built to be scalable and secure, feature-packed and customized to oblige different domains.

Hybrid Application Development Experience

Sysfo mobile application development portfolio includes custom Hybrid app development in following areas:

  Business Performance Android Application
  Location Based Android Application Development
  Android Tablet Apps
  Android Game Development
  Mobile E-Commerce Applications
  Mobile Banking, Payments and M-Commerce.
  MLM Applications
  Travel Applications
  Data Synchronization
  Multimedia and Streaming Applications
  Sports Applications
  Task and Project Management Applications
  Mobile Web Portal
  Utility Apps

Why Clients Choose Us for Hybrid App Development

  Award winning mobile app development solutions
  Competitive rates for hybrid application development
  Comprehensive quality assurance testing before project ‘Go Live’ event
  Experts in multiple open technologies for web and mobile
  Friendly, open, transparent and collaborative way of working with clients
  In-house, front-end experts: Business Analysts, UX/UI Specialists & Designers
  Responsive and adaptive design experts
  Proven track record of successful mobile web application project delivery
  Rigorous quality assurance testing before “Go-Live”
  Shorter development times translating to lower costs for customers

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