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The software application has become the enterprise's new security perimeter. This is truer than ever when it comes to web application security and web application testing. Because web applications must be available 24/7 and offer data access to customers, employees, suppliers and others, they are frequently the weak link in enterprise security. When hackers gain access to web applications, they often have direct access to confidential back-end data on customers and the company. For this reason, testing web application security is a high priority for the enterprise today. A variety of web application security products have been touted as effective solutions, but they frequently require a significant capital investment in hardware or software. In addition, enterprises must frequently maintain and upgrade them in order to keep up with the evolving threat-space. SYSFO offers a more cost-effective and thorough solution to web application security.

With the introduction of modern Web 2.0 and HTML5 web applications our demands as a customer have changed; we want to be able to access any data we want to twenty four seven. Such demands are also pushing businesses into making such data available online via web applications. A perfect example of this are the online banking systems and online shopping websites.

Behavioral Modeling for Accurate Results

Legacy web scanners simply launch a long list of signature-based attacks without regard for the structure of the underlying application, resulting in poor coverage and inaccurate results. SYSFO’s web application testing service uses dynamic crawling to build a model based on the behavior of the application, determines vulnerability attack vectors, and then conducts relevant analysis to ensure the highest level of coverage with the most accurate results.

Advanced Data Analysis to Find Hidden Issues

SYSFO’s web application security assessment tool analyzes the data and content of information presented by the application in order to find hidden security issues that are missed by other products. SYSFO looks “inside” of directories, debug code, leftover source code and resource files to find hidden username/passwords, SQL strings, ODBC connectors, and other sensitive information that hackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access to your application.

Full Integration With Static Analysis

Unlike “stand-alone” web scanners, SYSFO is the only web application security solutions provider to incorporate both static and dynamic testing as a single offering. SYSFO’s dynamic web application testing is integrated with our patented static binary analysis, which enables enterprises to fully scan their applications using multiple assessment methods to provide a single set of convergent results, ratings and reports.

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